Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday TV Times


L&O (7pm) "Oxymoron"
Deals complicate a murder investigation when a mob boss' son offers to incriminate his father, while the father counters with information.

L&O (8pm) "Under God"
A vigilante priest kills a drug dealer in the name of God.

L&O (9pm) "Married With Children"
A motivational speaker is pushed off a hotel balcony, then her daughter is abducted.

L&O (10pm) "Possession"
The detectives sort through a murdered tenant's long-running battle with her landlord in order to find a possible suspect.


SVU (7pm) "Consent"
The detectives investigate the rape of a college student who cannot remember the event.

CI (8 & 11pm) "The Extra Man"
The detectives hunt for the person who killed a European con man who swindled investors.


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