Tuesday, February 07, 2006

L&O- Magnet

10pm 2006-02-08 ALL NEW!
STRANGULATION SHOWS THAT CHEATERS NEVER PROSPER -- Kathleen Turner Guest Stars as High-Powered Attorney -- Detectives Fontana (Dennis Farina) and Green (Jesse L. Martin) investigate the strangling of a promising Hispanic student at a private magnet school. The men soon learn the victim was selling test answers and writing term papers for more privileged students -- including their prime suspect, Greg Loomis (guest star Jaime McAdams), a trouble-prone senior who would kill just to graduate. After Loomis' arrest, A.D.A. Sam McCoy (Sam Waterston) spurns any deal with his high-powered attorney Rebecca Shane (guest star Kathleen Turner) but has to overcome her vigorous defense that her client himself was a victim of medication side effects. Annie Parisse, S. Epatha Merkerson and Fred Dalton Thompson also star.


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