Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Weds. TV Times


L&O (10pm) "Family Friend"
An officer exacts revenge upon his friend's alleged killer and tries to avoid prosecution by threatening to expose tainted evidence from previous cases.


L&O (7pm) "Carrier"
McCoy and Ross test right-to-privacy ethics in regard to a girl's death stemming from a shooting.

L&O (8pm) "Killerz"
The detectives suspect a 10-year-old girl is responsible for the death of a boy at a construction site.

L&O (9pm) "Charm City"
A subway-station bombing prompts the squad to seek help from detectives in Baltimore where their prime suspect is wanted.


SVU (7pm) "Head"
A video voyeur catches a sexual assault against a minor on tape, which changes the focus of the investigation as the detectives search for a pedophile.

CI (8pm) "The Gift"
Detectives link a young man's murder to practitioners of Santeria who duped the victim's mother into believing she has psychic powers.

CI (9pm) "Unrequited"
The detectives investigate when an anonymous letter prompts a man's body to be exhumed for an autopsy, which reveals he died from poisoning

CI (10pm) "Pas De Deux"
Detectives deduce that a criminal has triggered a device to blow up his bank-robbing accomplice and plans to do the same to his next flunky


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