Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tuesday TV Times


L&O (7pm) "Merger"
A scandal involving two wealthy families threatens McCoy and Carmichael's chances of a conviction in the murder of a drug-addicted girl of 15.

L&O (8pm) "Embedded"
A war correspondent who reputedly endangered U.S. troops in Iraq gets shot in the back with a military-issue handgun.

L&O (9pm) "American Jihad"
A man motivated by religious convictions is the prime suspect in a double homicide.


SVU (7pm) "Monogamy"
An attacker rips a fetus from a woman's womb, launching the detectives on a frantic search in hope that the baby survived.

CI (8pm) "Blink"
During the investigation of a college math student who worked as a card-counter, the detectives discover a high stakes computer gambling system; work stations are pilfered by a disguised ringleader with plans for horse-racing scams.


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