Wednesday, January 11, 2006

SVU~ Blast review



By Christy Rach

Another "edge of your seat" episode. A young child is abducted just feet away from her school, sending Detective Stabler and Medical Examiner Warner on a dangerous hunt for the kidnapper. Upon finding the "getaway van" the kidnapper was driving, blood is discovered. After testing the blood, it is determined it belongs to that of Carly, the kidnapped girl. Time is of the essence, as it is discovered the child has Leukemia and treatment is absolutely necessary in order for the child to survive.

The kidnapper contacts the parents, demanding a ransom in exchange for the child, insisting no police are to be involved. Making a snap decision, ME Warner contacts Detective Stabler. He along with other detectives are smuggled into the apartment. A meeting is scheduled with the kidnapper to make the "money drop'. ME Warner meets the kidnapper with the bag, and a happy ending seems just around the corner. Wrong. A security guard comes out, causing the kidnapper to panic and run once more with the child.

After careful examination of the tire prints left, the detectives are lead to the remote garage where the child is being kept. Barely alive, she's transported to the hospital and is stabilized. Upon interviewing the child, they're lead straight to the kidnapper. Her older, drug addict brother, Daniel. While interviewing the children's father at the bank, Daniel comes in, demanding the vault emptied. His father realizes it's his son, begging him to stop. A confrontation occurs when he discovers Detective Stabler is in the premises. Shots are fired. Daniel's father is shot. He takes Detective Stabler hostage and attempts to leave, only to find himself surrounded by New York's Finest. Seeing no way out, and his father dying before his eyes, he decides to shoot himself out when he's shot in the leg by ME Warner, ultimately saving his life and that of his father. An episode not for the faint of heart. One of Tamara Tunie's greatest performances.


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