Saturday, January 07, 2006

Sunday's NEW CI~ Dollhouse

9pm 2006-01-08 ALL NEW!
CHEATERS ARE EVERYWHERE WHEN PHONY PATERNITY SUITS LEAD TO MURDER -- The gunshot murder of a businessman perplexes Detectives Logan (Christopher Noth) and Barek (Annabella Sciorra) until they suspect that Danielle (guest star Elizabeth Berkley) -- a self-involved mother -- has made a cottage industry of blackmailing other cheating family men with phony paternity claims. But the detectives discover that Danielle's seemingly meek and maternal sister Claire (guest star Heather Burns) could be playing a far more sinister role in the scam. Jamey Sheridan and Courtney B. Vance also star.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not very techno savvy. I noticed the Dollhouse episode was more compressed with the black band across the top and bottom of the screen, is this because of HDTV?

10:57 AM  

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