Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saturday TV Times


L&O (8pm) Life Line"
Detectives learn that a murdered prostitute was actually an undercover reporter trying to expose a brutal gang.

CI (9pm) "Diamond Dogs"
Detective Logan gets his first case and partners with Detective Barek to investigate a series of deadly jewelry heists.

SVU (10pm) "Storm"
While searching for a child molester who has abducted three young children orphaned by Hurricane Katrina, detectives learn that the suspect also possesses a deadly strain of anthrax.


SVU (7pm) "Name"
Detective Stabler and CSU technician Millie Vizcarrondo (Paula Garc├ęs) investigate the remains of a boy found at a construction site and find they belong to one of five boys reported missing 30 years earlier.

SVU (8pm) "Remorse"
Munch bonds with a television news reporter (Jennifer Esposito) who was sexually assaulted months earlier.

SVU (9pm) "Slaves"
Police suspect a corporate lawyer (Andrew McCarthy) is connected to a murder and to a Romanian nanny thought to be sexually abused.

SVU (10pm) "Legacy"
Family members blame one another for abusing a 7-year-old girl who has fallen into a coma.

CI (11pm) "Slither"
Goren and Eames investigate a gang of high-class lowlifes led by a European (Michael York) who befriends, robs and kills tourists.


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