Monday, January 02, 2006

Monday TV Times


L&O (2pm) "Remand" Episode #KO113.
An arson suspect, hoping to make a deal, feeds detectives false information that may lead to the release of a convicted rapist.

L&O (3pm) "Encore"
Michael Dobson, a sleazy nightclub owner, crosses the detectives' path again when his second wife is killed.

L&O (4pm) Terminal"
Probing an anti-Semitic shooting spree at a posh fund-raiser, Briscoe and Curtis unearth more-personal motives.

L&O (5pm) "Menace"
The detectives seek evidence to prove an apparent suicide is really a murder linked to an insurance scam.

L&O (6pm) "Access Nation"
A murdered psychologist's confidential computer files may hold the key to solving her death

L&O (7pm) "Hitman"
Detectives Briscoe and Green suspect a woman and her lover hired a gunman to kill her husband

L&O (8pm) "Evil Breeds"
After an elderly woman is found beaten to death in her apartment, detectives discover she was the lead witness in the deportation prosecution of a reputed Nazi war criminal

L&O (9pm) "The Sixth Man"
A man is found strangled in his rent-controlled apartment and detectives suspect the building's owner, who wants to convert it to a co-op, but then a basketball player's fingerprints are found at the scene.

L&O (10pm) "Equal Rights"
The detectives investigate the murder of an investment analyst who was recommending stock in a company now in high-profile bankruptcy


SVU (7pm) "Ridicule"
The investigation of a young woman's death reveals that she and other women were recently accused of a raping a male stripper.

CI (8pm) "Suite Sorrow"
A hotel magnate is found murdered in a bathtub, and her body shows signs of Botox injections.


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