Thursday, January 19, 2006

Friday TV Times


L&O (7pm) "The Wheel"
The smoldering corpse of an Asian girl is found outside the Chinese consul general's apartment, and detectives suspect she immolated herself as a political statement

L&O (8pm) "A Losing Season"
There are gunshot wounds in the corpse of a pregnant loan officer which was found in the trunk of her car.


CI (6pm) "Eosphoros"
When a well-known atheist is kidnapped and murdered, Goren and Eames have no shortage of suspects, but the trail is hard to follow after two of the kidnappers are also found dead

SVU (7pm) "Stalked"
Benson may be the next target of a man with a history of raping powerful women.

CI (8pm) "In the Dark"
Goren and Eames scour abandoned subway tunnels to seek out the killer of several homeless men whose bodies were sold to medical labs, then they learn that each victim had been issued a credit card just before his death.

SVU (9pm) "Uncivilized"
An attorney (Jessica Hecht) defends a pedophile suspected of slaying a boy in Central Park.


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