Thursday, January 26, 2006

D'Onofrio Blurb

from Movies~

With intense performances in films like "The Salton Sea" and "Full Metal Jacket," Vincent D'Onofrio has constructed a reputation as a committed, no-nonsense actor's actor. But it was exactly that pigeonholing, he recently revealed, that made him want to work on "The Break Up," an upcoming comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston. "He asked me to come play his brother," D'Onofrio said of longtime friend Vaughn. "The movie is the story of a portion of Jennifer's and Vince's characters' lives. And so Vince called me, I went over, and I did it. I was over there for a week and had a blast doing it." The movie, due to hit theaters in June, tells the story of a broken-up couple engaged in a bitter battle for the rights to their apartment. "Obviously, Vince is funny," D'Onofrio offered. "It's great working for a guy who you know is gonna pull it off."



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