Monday, December 19, 2005

Tuesday TV Times


SVU (10pm) "Demons"
Stabler goes under cover as a sex offender to gain the trust of a serial rapist released from jail, but his cover is blown, putting his life in danger


L&O (7pm) "The Fire This Time"
A woman dies when arsonists set fire to a nearly completed high-rise.

L&O (8pm) "Tombstone"
A promiscuous lawyer ends up bludgeoned to death in her office, and detectives treat her former lovers as suspects until DNA evidence points to a co-worker.

TBJ (9pm) "Skeleton"
Kibre prosecutes an elusive career criminal for the murder of a crooked ex-cop and the shooting of a detective.


SVU (7pm) "Manic"
Detectives investigate when two high-school basketball players are gunned down while shooting hoops in the gymnasium.

CI (8pm) "Poison"
The detectives search for an ``angel of death'' who poisons victims with cyanide.

CI (9pm) "The Pardoner's Tale"
A gunman kills an investigative reporter and his fiancee.

CI (10pm) "The Good Doctor"
The philandering wife of an arrogant plastic surgeon disappears, and the detectives suspect his efforts to find her are insincere.


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