Saturday, December 31, 2005

L&O Marathon on TNT New Year's Day

12pm "Angel"
The detectives investigate a kidnapping case involving a woman's claim that her infant vanished from a church while she was in the confessional.

1pm "Pro Se"
Multiple murders lead detectives to a homeless schizophrenic who has been off medication for some time.

2pm "Girlfriends"
A coed's murder leads Briscoe and Curtis to uncover a campus prostitution ring.

3pm "Atonement"
A model's death seems to be an open-and-shut case until the prime suspect claims he suffered an extreme emotional disturbance and that he loved the victim.

4pm "Homesick"
The detectives suspect a young English au pair of poisoning an infant in a wealthy neighborhood.

5pm "Matrimony"
Several suspects stand to gain from the untimely death of a very young woman's wealthy elderly husband.

6pm "Missing"
A 24-year-old aide to a state senator disappears from her Manhattan apartment.

7pm "House Calls"
The corpse of a Russian model shows many old injuries, convincing the detectives that she had been the victim of abuse.

8pm "Bounty"
A bounty hunter turns up dead while trailing a fugitive rapist and bookstore heir.

9pm "Enemy"
After a bloody massacre of heroin dealers, Fontana and Green pinpoint a drug-dealing Afghan warlord as their primary suspect, and McCoy and Southerlyn prosecute despite pressure from the State Department

10pm "DR 1-102"
Southerlyn risks her life and career to negotiate the release of a murder suspect's hostage.


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