Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tuesday TV Times


SVU (10pm) "Rockabye"
When a runaway teenage girl is found badly beaten, doctors discover the beating killed her unborn child, and detectives begin to question the father


SVU (7pm) "Scourge"
The detectives search for a serial killer who has murdered four times in 24 hours.

CI (8pm & 11pm) "Shrink-Wrapped"
Goren and Eames investigate a psychologist and her family after a musician romantically linked to the doctor is murdered.

CI (9pm) "The Saint"
An elderly woman's murder leads detectives to investigate the activities of a forger (Stephen Colbert) whose expertise is needed to verify documents proving the sainthood of a 19th-century healer named Brother Jerome.

CI (10pm) "Conscience"
While investigating the death of a woman found in a swimming pool, detectives learn that she was a medical researcher and that she was poisoned.


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