Tuesday, November 22, 2005

SVU's Rockabye


Written by Christy Rach

Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? There's a fine line between the two, and the focus of the controversial Law and Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Rockabye". A young woman was found in a lower-end motel badly beaten and screaming in pain. Once transported to the hospital, she escaped the second an opportunity arose. She was discovered once more, near death in the backseat of a car, bleeding profusely. It was revealed she was pregnant, and trying to hide this fact from her overbearing father. During an attempt to save her life, it was discovered her five month fetus, a baby girl, was a stillborn. The bruises on her abdomen began raising questions which lead to a whirlwind in the courtroom. Did she cause the death of her fetus or her boyfriend? Who's at fault? Why was this the path they chose to travel? In Virginia, it is unlawful for a minor to have an abortion performed without the consent of an adult. She and her boyfriend fled to New York City in hopes of terminating the pregnancy, allowing their lives to return to normal. Fearing the same fate as her estranged sister, the young woman saw no other alternative. During the trial of her boyfriend, it was revealed that the doctor that would've been performing her abortion, was misleading and providing false information to the young woman. The doctor allowed his personal views and beliefs interfere with the oath he took as a medical doctor. The young man was convicted only on a misdemeanor charge, and the doctor was arrested on charges of fraud. This episode provided a range of emotional responses in all viewers-hitting both sides of the abortion argument hard, proving, there's a fine line between what's right and wrong. It should be a person's decision to decide what's best for their lives, regardless of whether or not we agree.


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