Tuesday, November 15, 2005

SVU: Starved

10pm 2005-11-15 ALL NEW!
NEW WIFE OF SERIAL RAPIST FALLS INTO COMA LEAVING HER HUSBAND TO DECIDE HER FATE -- Dean Cain, Teri Garr, Veronica Cartwright, Judith Light and Fred Dalton Thompson Guest star - When a series of rapes is linked to a speed-dating service, Detective Benson (Mariska Hargitay) goes undercover and discovers Mike Jergens (guest star Dean Cain) is the assailant. As the case progresses, Jergens' insecure girlfriend Cora Kennison (guest star Tina Holmes) - an alcoholic and bulimic - becomes an unwilling pawn as both Benson and attorney Minerva Grahame-Bishop (guest star Teri Garr) seek to persuade Kennison to testify for their respective sides - despite her mother's (guest star Veronica Cartwright) insistence that her daughter is too fragile. Kennison opts to marry Jergens in the hope that spousal privilege will save her from taking the stand, but since the rapes occurred before they married, she is still forced to testify. Distraught, Kennison drinks to excess, leaving her in an irreversible coma, and her fate in the hands of her husband. Christopher Meloni, Ice-T, Dann Florek, Richard Belzer, Diane Neal, Tamara Tunie and B.D. Wong also star.


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