Saturday, November 19, 2005

Saturday TV Times


CI (8pm) "In the Wee Small Hours"
A media frenzy erupts when an Iowa teen disappears during her school trip, and the prime suspect is the son of a powerful judge.
SVU (10pm) "Ripped"
After a high-school student is brutally attacked, detectives interview a suspect who becomes enraged and attacks Detective Fin.


CI (7pm) "Pas De Deux"
Detectives deduce that a criminal has triggered a device to blow up his bank-robbing accomplice and plans to do the same to his next flunky.

SVU (8pm) "Parasites"
When the detectives investigate the death of a Romanian immigrant, suspicions surface that she is alive and masquerading as her twin

SVU (9pm) "Execution"
Detective Stabler races against time to determine if a convicted man on death row also murdered and raped another victim.

SVU (10pm) "Prodigy"
Detectives investigate the murder of an animal-rights activist.

CI (11pm) "Mis-Labeled"
The death of an executive leads police to corporate corruption in the field of high-profit pharmaceuticals.


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