Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday TV Times


CI (10pm) "Sex Club"
When the new owner of an infamous playboy's (Peter Bogdanovich) address book is found murdered, detectives suspect a U.S. senatorial candidate, whose infidelity is documented in the book.


L&O (7pm) "I.D."
The detectives investigate a case involving a woman who was killed for her identity by her own sister.


SVU (7pm) "Paranoia"
A veteran police sergeant (Khandi Alexander) is raped while responding to a crime in progress.

CI (8pm) "Unrequited"
The detectives investigate when an anonymous letter prompts a man's body to be exhumed for an autopsy, which reveals he died from poisoning

SVU (9pm) "Monogamy"
An attacker rips a fetus from a woman's womb, launching the detectives on a frantic search in hope that the baby survived.

CI (11pm) "In the Wee Small Hours"
A media frenzy erupts when an Iowa teen disappears during her school trip, and the prime suspect is the son of a powerful judge.


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