Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Closing Argument: SVU's "Victims"


Reviewed by Christy Rach

Last night's Law and Order: SVU episode brought a troubling dose of reality to the fast-paced dating scene. Dean Cain guest starred as a live-saving surgeon by day, and speed dating rapist by night. Detective Olivia Benson went undercover in order to expose the suspect. Playing the role to perfection, she was able to successfully identify "the perp". Keeping the charges against him proved to be a great challenge due to the devotion of his troubled girlfriend. She continually defended him through her drinking binges and struggles with bulimia. She marries him after his incarceration, an act of desperation to keep from testifying. When she is rushed to the hospital for the second time, it is revealed that she lacked oxygen to her brain for too long, and has suffered irreversible damage. The key witness for the prosecution lies in a coma, and the fight for her life begins. Teri Schiavo revisited. After a battle in the media and the courtroom, the verdict is in favor of her husband. She passes away peacefully with her mother and now husband by her side. The right decision for the wrong reason? It brings up so many questions. A very thought provoking episode.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:15 PM  
Anonymous steve said...

Why was there no conclusion to this episode? At the end of these shows do they usually sentence the criminal or let him go off free? I'd like to know what happened to this guy. I realize its just a show, but why did they leave it so open at the end?

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Terrie said...

I'd say they left it open like that because they probably intend on bringing Dean Cain back as that same character who the detectives will once again be after.

1:03 PM  

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