Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Closing Argument: SVU "Storm"

By Christy Rach


Drama. Intensity. Three children who tragically became orphans by Hurricane Katrina become the victims of a convicted sex offender. Brought to New York and enslaved by this man, the first opportunity they are given, they escape. Running for their lives, two of the children escape and are hit by a taxi. When their captor discovers the accident, he takes the remaining child and flees the scene. Left with unanswered questions, the detectives of the Special Victims Unit begin to put the pieces together. Upon discovering the identity of the believed father, the plot thickens. Tabloid drama. A frenzy ensues when he's apprehended. Time is running out for the remaining child. During the search for her, it is discovered the captor has contracted Anthrax, setting a city wide search for the strain of the virus. After discovering the whereabouts of the last child, the Anthrax is discovered. The FBI becomes involved, paralyzing the efforts of the SVU. Determined not to give up, Detective Olivia Benson takes matters into her own hands. Leaking critical information to the journalist who nearly caused the downfall of their case. He became the last hope of saving these children and the city from a potentially deadly fate. New information is discovered in light of the "leak", enabling the SVU detectives to track down the source of the Anthrax. The journalist publishes the transcripts of a "secret" interrogation by the detectives, allowing the public to see exactly what the FBI is hiding. Detective Olivia Benson risked everything to protect the victims, proving sometimes wrong is right. An Emmy worthy performance.


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