Friday, October 07, 2005

TV Times for the Weekend


NBC~ L&O:SVU (10pm)
The detectives discover that a murdered teenage girl was a prostitute and had contracted HIV while working on a pornographic film, which leads them to her killer.

USA~ L&O:SVU (7pm)
Detectives try to decipher a motive for the strangulation of a Bronx assistant DA in an area where hookers stroll.

L&O:CI (8pm)
"The Extra Man"
The detectives hunt for the person who killed a European con man who swindled investors.

L&O:SVU (9pm)
When a criminology student is raped and murdered, detectives hunt for a suspect with an expert knowledge of forensic medicine.


NBC~ L&O:CI (9pm)
A prison warden (Corbin Bernsen) claims to have been beaten and forced to pay ransom for his kidnapped wife, but detectives learn she is living with an escaped prisoner.

TNT~ L&O (8pm)
"High & Low"
The detectives struggle to determine the motive of a club owner who hired two men to kill a stripper.

L&O (9pm)
"Kid Pro Quo"
Several people are suspects when the head of admissions for a private school is killed.

L&O (10pm)
Opponents of Adam Schiff question the handling of a sexual-assault case by the police and the D.A.'s office.


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