Monday, October 10, 2005

Tuesday TV Times

*L&O* 7pm "Thin Ice"
A youth-hockey coach is found beaten to death following a practice.

*L&O* 8pm "Tragedy on Rye"
Detectives hope a vacation video has information about the death of a struggling actress.

*L&O* 9pm "Paradigm"
Terms of the Geneva Convention come into play when the sister of a former inmate at Abu Ghraib prison is suspected of murdering a female Guardsman in the second Gulf War.

*SVU* 7pm "Birthright"
A woman attempts to kidnap a child she believes is her daughter; while DNA tests are in progress, Benson traces the confusion about the child's origins back to a fertility doctor.

*CI* 8pm "The Good Doctor"
The philandering wife of an arrogant plastic surgeon disappears, and the detectives suspect his efforts to find her are insincere.

*SVU* 10pm "Ripped"
After a high-school student is brutally attacked, detectives interview a suspect who becomes enraged and attacks Detective Fin.


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