Friday, October 14, 2005

Closing Argument

Well, we've done it. We've survived our first week here keeping this blog up, running & updated daily. Huge accomplishment there. Thank you to everyone that has emailed links, suggestions, glitches and especially thank you for all of the positive words. Keep the good stuff rolling in and we'll do our best to get things posted. Also, if you see something uncredited and know where the credit belongs PLEASE let us know. We want to give credit where it's due at all times. Changes are coming in the next few weeks. A bit more organization and easier navigating is in the works so keep checking back.

Tonite's real closing argument is regarding the mothership- the original L&O. I'm going to cross my fingers that saying this won't return to bite me in the ass, but I do believe it is back. In a big way. Last season there was just far too much upheaval for the show to feel comfortable. Near early spring I found myself looking at the screen wondering who these characters were and why the hell I cared to watch them anyway. It wasn't just the cast changes but also the writing was weaker. I think that was to be expected though. Several new characters, new and unfamiliar voices. How could it feel comfortable? It just couldn't.

I know it could be awfully premature to say this but so far, the show is amazing once again. The newer characters are working for me, I'm digging the tension between Jack & Arthur but most of all the writing is excellent.

Just when I feared L&O had jumped the shark they proved me wrong and for that I am grateful.


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