Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bits & Pieces

**Is D'Onofrio right?...NY Daily News

**Chris Meloni pics...WireImage

**Benjamin Bratt pics...WireImage

**Annie Parisse pics...WireImage

**Sam Waterston pics...WireImage


Anonymous coryo said...

Yes, I believe Vincent is right. I have gone through training like that and it is slanted. Males are not the only culprits. I ditest the negative press they give him. It is no wonder the man is more at ease with the Australian media. At least they don't picture him in a negative, or difficult light with every article. I am frankly sick of NY press and the personal war on discrediting Vincent D'Onofrio simply for stating his opinion

6:48 PM  

The problem with articles like this one is that they are slanted. Certainly there was more to the story than what was published.

7:22 PM  
Blogger Laura Elizabeth said...

To the administrators of this blog, thank you very much!

As to what VDO said... I had to laugh when reading it: where the hell was he when I had to sit through that crap?? I didn't have his, um, intestinal fortitude shall we say, to speak up and challenge the lecturer. I wish I had.

As for the press: they are happiest when destroying others. I just try to ignore the slant and form my own opinions.

8:22 AM  
Blogger Maria Stepek Doherty said...

As a former HR director, all I can say is "Thank you Mr. D'Onofrio". This kind of sexist politically correct nonsense gets in the way of real communication in the work place. I feel sorry for men trying to pick their way through this PC minefield, never knowing what the right thing to say or do actually is. It doesn't serve women one iota to pin all the responsibility on men. If someone says or does something I don't like, I tell them straight. This idiocy gets in the way of fighting real harassment, the kind that does happen to both sexes. Respect is the key. Maybe that's what we should be teaching our children, together with building their self-confidence to speak up for themselves.

Sorry about the rant. Hot spot. We need to distinguish between real bullying which destroys lives and these nonsensical legislative idiocies.

3:27 AM  

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