Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Weds. TV Times


L&O (7pm) "Floater"
The detectives attempt to identify a body which was found floating in the Hudson River.

L&O (8pm) "Darwinian"
A driver strikes a homeless man, then returns home with the victim still lodged in her windshield.

L&O (9pm) "Swept Away: A Very Special Episode"
When a murder happens on a reality television program, investigators try to identify the real culprits.

L&O (10pm) "Whose Monkey Is It Anyway"
The detectives screen animal-rights activists for suspects in the killing of an AIDS researcher.

L&O (11pm) Family Business"
Detectives become embroiled in a murder case involving family rivalry.


SVU (7pm) "Stolen"
When a baby is kidnapped from a grocery store, detectives Benson and Stabler discover it is part of a black-marketing of infants.

CI (8pm) "Phantom"
The murder of an ex-convict triggers an investigation of his social-climbing sister and her beau, a man posing as a United Nations economist.

CI (9pm) "Seizure"
The detectives suspect a copy-cat murderer may be responsible for killing a bisexual woman.

CI (10pm) "Yesterday"
The body of a young woman missing for 20 years is found buried underneath an old family home.

Tuesday TV Times


L&O (7pm) "Born Again"
A troubled girl suffocates when her adoptive mother and an unlicensed counselor resort to an extreme therapy simulating birth.

L&O (8pm) "Who Let the Dogs Out" Episode #E2208.
A woman jogging in Central Park is the victim of a vicious dog attack.

L&O 99pm) "Everybody Loves Raimondo's"
Detectives investigate a slain Hollywood producer's involvement with a mob movie to find a motive for his murder.


CI (5pm) "Semi-Professional"
The detectives probe the murder of woman who was dating a married, high-profile judge.

SVU (7pm) "Counterfeit"
The detectives investigate the rape/murder of a woman whose car contains counterfeit narcotics.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday TV Times


L&O (7pm) "Foul Play"
A coach, a youth-baseball player and a desperate father are the prime suspects in the murder of a private investigator.

L&O (8pm) "Payback"
Detectives investigate the murder of a mob informant who sent a kingpin to jail.

L&O (9pm) "License to Kill"
McCoy and Borgia target the unlikely hero who pursued a mass murderer through the streets of Manhattan in a deadly car chase that left one dead and one injured.

L&O (10pm) "Suicide Box"
A media-savvy attorney (Gregory Hines) defends a black teenager accused of shooting an off-duty police officer.


CI (5pm) "Crazy"
The detectives investigate the murder of a prominent doctor at his son's bar mitzvah.

SVU (7pm) "Tangled"
An estranged son and a former patient are the prime suspects in the murder of a prominent doctor and the rape of his wife.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sunday TV Times


SVU (7pm) "Repression" Episode #E2310.
A teen recalls childhood molestation by her father and reports it to the detectives.

CI (8pm) "Con-Text"
Detectives Goren and Eames suspect a self-improvement guru machinated the murders of two crime figures.

CI (9pm) "The Pardoner's Tale"
A gunman kills an investigative reporter and his fiancee.

SVU (10pm)

SVU (11pm) "Ripped"
After a high-school student is brutally attacked, detectives interview a suspect who becomes enraged and attacks Detective Fin.


CI (5pm) "The View From up Here"
The association president of a chic condominium tower is found murdered with an electrical saw, prompting an investigation in which Det. Eames is used as a decoy.

CI (6pm) "Inert Dwarf"
Radiation poisoning kills a tormented scientist, leading Goren and Eames to investigate the victim's collaborator, a famous physicist with a trophy wife.

CI (7pm) "Gone"
Goren matches wits with a murderous chess grand master (Robert Carradine) when a newly engaged woman is found dead in a garbage bin.

CI (10pm) "Collective"
The accidental shooting death of a toy collector leads detectives to a secret society obsessed with death and a conniving woman (Kim Director) who trolls the group's events in search of lonely men.

CI (11pm) "The View From up Here"
The association president of a chic condominium tower is found murdered with an electrical saw, prompting an investigation in which Det. Eames is used as a decoy.

Stephanie March's Wedding In In Style

Stephanie March's Wedding to Bobby Flay in In Style

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Saturday TV Times


SVU (7pm) "Storm"
While searching for a child molester who has abducted three young children orphaned by Hurricane Katrina, detectives learn that the suspect also possesses a deadly strain of anthrax.

SVU (8pm) "Manhunt"
An abduction points to a serial killer who has eluded the detectives in the past.

SVU (9pm) "Scourge"
The detectives search for a serial killer who has murdered four times in 24 hours.

SVU (10pm)

CI (11pm) "Saving Face"
Detectives think the mutilated corpse of a med student links to Guatemalan drug trafficking, but the investigation leads them to a suspicious cosmetic surgeon on Park Avenue.